List of Contracts
2NDSemester CY 2019
No. Name of Procurement Approved Budget of the Contract (ABC) Php Name of Supplier/Contractor Mode of Procurement
1 Provision of Structural Engineering Consultancy Services for the Period of July to December 2019 162,000.00 Tandem Engineering Consultancy NP-53.9 - Small Value Procurement
2 Service Provider for Courier Services for Local Destinations 400,000.00 PremierLogistics Inc. NP-53.1 Two Failed Biddings
3 Lease of Venue for 3 Day Stress Management Training an Intervention for the Psychosocial Welness of the Employees 264,000.00 Lima Park Hotel NP-53.10 Lease of Real Property and Venue
4 Supply and Delivery of Secure Socket Layer (SSL)   150,000.00 GMO Globalsign, Inc.   NP-53.9 - Small Value Procurement
5 Subscription of SMS Gateway 500,000.00 MyBusybee, Inc.   NP-53.9 - Small Value Procurement
6 Supply and Delivery of Endpoint Security System 750,000.00 Digital Network Communications & Computers Inc. (DIGICOM) NP-53.9 - Small Value Procurement
7 Remittance Banking System 167,013.00 Development Bank of the Philippines NP-53.5 Agency-to-Agency
8 Service of Media Contractor - a 1,000,000.00 Aliw Broadcasting Inc. NP-53.6 Media Services
9 Service of Media Contractor - b Bantay OCW Foundation, Inc.
10 Service of Media Contractor - c Radio Mindanao Network Inc.
11 Service of Media Contractor - d Radio Veritas Global Broadcasting System, Inc.
12 Supply and Delivery of Various Electrical and Construction Materials 2,022,550.00 Up-Town Industrial Sales, Inc.   Public Bidding
13 Supply and Delivery of Various Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Equipment CY2019 - a 3,919,000.00 Tekzone Computer Sales & Services Inc. Public Bidding
14 Supply and Delivery of Various Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Equipment CY2019 - b 1,700,000.00 Columbia Technologies, Inc.
15 Bidding for the Supply and Delivery of OWWA Virtual Machine and Cloud Computing Subscription 3,042,000.00 NTT Data Philippines, lnc. Public Bidding
16 Design, Supply, and Installation of Fire Protection System of OWWA Center Bldg. 15,000,000.00 Palmer Asia Inc. Public Bidding
17 Money Remittance Service Provider for the Distribution of OWWA Rebate Program 5,845,455.00 M.J. Lhuillier Financial Services Inc. NP-53.1 Two Failed Biddings
18 Printing of Various IEC Materials 3,650,000.00 Transprint Corporation Public Bidding
19 Service of Creative and Technical Consultant for the Preparation of the 2019 MOFYA Portfolio, Souvenir Program and the "Waging Kwento ng OFWs" Book 850,000.00 Angler Media Labs, OPC NP-53.9 - Small Value Procurement
20 Recommending the Award of Media Contrator through Agency to Agency Mode of Procurement 500,000.00 Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC13) NP-53.5 - Agency-to-Agency
21 Supply of Various Office Supplies for 4th Quarter CY2019 5,490,000.00 MCSA Marketing Public Bidding
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