List of Contracts
1ST Semester CY 2019
No. Name of Procurement Approved Budget of the Contract (ABC) Php Name of Supplier/Contractor Mode of Procurement
1 Proposal for One (1) Lot Supply and Delivery of Purified Drinking Water for Ten (10) Months 450,000.00 Pishon lndustries, lnc Small Value Procurement
2 Preventive Maintenance of the Fire Detection Alarm System for Ten (10) Months 264,000.00 Pulser Enterprises, Inc. Small Value Procurement
3 Lease of Warehouse Space from March to December 968,000.00 YBP Real Estate Lease of Venue
4 One (1) Lot- Purchase of 2,000 meters Online Assessment System for One (1) Year  224,000.00 People Dynamics  Small Value Procurement
5 2018 Year-End Performance Assessment and Planning Exercise 380,000.00 The Bellevue Manila  Lease of Venue
6 Proposal for the Supply of Labor and Materials for the Application of Pest Control from March to December 2019 198,000.00 JMC Pest Management Small Value Procurement
7 Supply and Delivery of Newspaper and Magazine for Ten (10) Months 278,038.60 JJJ Newspapers & Magazines Small Value Procurement
8 Straight Lease of Managed Communication Equipment for Nine (9) Months 352,000.00 Ansible Technologies Corporation Small Value Procurement
9 Gender and Development Orientation Towards  Gender Responsive Programs 225,000.00 Philippine International Convention Center, Inc. Lease of Venue
10 Service Provider for Courier Services for International Destinations 2,500,000.00 RAF International Freight Forwarding Phils., Inc. Public Bidding
11 Rental tor Three (3) units Colored Copier and Sixteen (16) units black copier Heavy Duty Photocopying Machine 882,000.00 Photopro Trading and General Merchandise Co. Small Value Procurement
12 Venue for Gender and Development Orientation Towards  Gender Responsive Programs 337,500.00 Bayview Park Hotel  Lease of Venue
13 Venue for Writeshop on the Transition of NRCO to OWWA 390,000.00 Club Balai Isabel  Lease of Venue
14 Preventive Maintenance of the BLT Elevators located at OWWA DevCen, lntramuros, Manila 108,000.00 Powerlift Elevator and Escalator Corp.  Small Value Procurement
15 Re-Bidding for One (1) Lot Supply and Delivery of Various Office Furniture for CY2019 1,180,150.00 IKF Home Furnishing and Office Furniture Public Bidding
16 Venue for Self-Management Workshop 404,100.00 Ramada Hotel Lease of Venue
17 Trainers Facilitators for the Conduct on Self-Management 154,000.00 U.G.A.T. Foundation, Inc. Small Value Procurement
18 Nego Lease of Parking Space 1,500,000.00 Smartpack Systems Solutions, Inc./CCP Sunken Park Agency to Agency
19 Proposal for One (1) Lot - Supply and lnstallation of PVG Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Board 3,112,500.00 MZR Builders Public Bidding
20 Proposal for One (1) Lot - Supply and Delivery of Various Electrical and Hardware Supplies for the Repair of RAD Rooms (201 & 202), NRCO, Halfway Home 2nd and 9th Floor 1,857,700.00 Up-Town Industrial Sales, Inc. Public Bidding
21 Proposal for One (1) Lot - Consultancy Service for Preparation of Design, Plans, Drawings and Detailed Estimates for Renovation of Various Comfort Rooms in the OWWA Center Building 600,000.00 RPCorsino CADD Camp and Construction Public Bidding
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