Name of Procurement Approved Budget of Contract (ABC) Php Name of Supplier/Contractor Mode of Procurement
1. Proposal for the 2017 Year End Performance Assessment (YEPA) 425,000.00 Baguio Country Club Lease of Venue
2. Resource Speaker for the Transition of Quality Management System From ISO 9001-2015 431,200.00 Rosehall Management Consultants, Inc Highly Technical Consultant (Sec. 53.7)
3. Venue for Seminar-Workshop for Transition of Quality Management System (Live-in) 400,000.00 Paradigma International Inc. Doing business under the name and style of Ramada Manila Central Lease of Venue
4. Venue for Seminar-Workshop for Transition of Quality Management (Live Out) 300,000.00 Caliraya Resort Club, Inc. Lease of Venue
5. Lease of Venue for 7 Habits for Highly Effective Government Leader & Managing Millennial 442,000.00 El Cielito Tourism Inn, Inc. Lease of Venue
6. Rental for Three (3) units Colored Copier and Fifteen (15) units black copier Heavy Duty Photocopying Machine 882,000.00 E-Copy Corporation Small Value Procurement
7. Proposal for the Monthly Service Maintenance of Elevators for Nine (9) Months 400,000.00 Elevatoring Specialist Philippines Incorporated. Small Value Procurement
8. Preventive Maintenance for the OWWA Fire Alarm System for the Period of May to December 2018 553,000.00 Pulser Enterprises, Inc. Small Value Procurement
9. Proposal for Lease of Venue for the Strategic Planning on Comprehensive Reintegration Program of OFW's (CORP) 500,000.00 The Bayleaf Hotel Lease of Venue
10. Supply and Delivery of Newspaper and Magazine 284,314.94 JJJ Newspapers & Magazines Small Value Procurement
H-Asia Newspapers & Magazines, Inc. Small Value Procurement
11. Proposal for One (1) Lot - Supply and Delivery of Purified Drinking Water for Nine (9) Months 351,000.00 Pishon Industries, Inc. Small Value Procurement
12. Service of Editorial Consultant 400,000.00 Mitchell P. Duran Highly Technical Consultant (Sec. 53.7)
13. Contract of Service for the Implementation of the Project on Advocacy Intervention for the Care and Prevention of Maltreatment, Abuse and Exploitation of OFW Families Left Behind (Women & Children) 3,000,000.00 ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Negotiated Procurement - Sec 53.6 Media Services
14. One (1) Lot - Purchase of Motor Vehicles  9,020,000.00 Toyota Bicutan Public Bidding
15. Proposal for Supply of Labor and Materials for the application of Pest Control from June to December 2018 198,000.00 Power House Pest Control Services Small Value Procurement
16. Proposal for One (1) Lot Rental of Booth (Including Installation) for Job Fairs on Migration Workers Day  200,000.00 MSD Godspeed Exhibit Corporation. Small Value Procurement
17. Venue for the 2018 Migrant Worker's Day 687,000.00 Philippine International Convention Center  Lease of Venue
18. Lease of Venue for Basic Facilitator's Training and Psychosocial Support 299,000.00 Pina Colina Lease of Venue
19. Research Study on the Philippines Migrant Resource Centers in Top Destination Countries (Phase 1) 495,378.94 Department of Labor and Employment Agency to Agency
20. Hiring of Media Contractor (individual or network organization) 450,000.00 Radio Veritas Global Broadcasting System, Inc. Negotiated Procurement - Sec 53.6 Media Services
21. Proposal for Rental of Twenty Six (26) units Desktop Computer for Three (3) Months 195,000.00 ISSI Information Technologies, Inc. Small Value Procurement
22. Lease of OWWA Parking Space 1,000,000.00 CCP Sunken Car Park Agency to Agency
23. Venue for Mid-Year Assessment and Re-Planning Exercise 390,000.00 Lima Park Hotel, Inc. Lease of Venue
24. Lease of Venue for Seminar-Workshop on RA 9184 otherwise known as Government Procurement Reform Act and its Revised IRR 242,000.00 Country Chateau Hoteliers Corporation Lease of Venue
25. Re-bidding for One (1) Lot -Supply and Installation of Elevator 12,900,000.00 Powerlift Elevator and Escalator Corporation Public Bidding
26. Re-bidding for One (1) Lot - Provision of Janitorial (Including Supplies) and Other Support Services 10,437,201.60 DBP Services Corporation Public Bidding
27. Re-bidding for One (1) Lot - Services of Consultant / Service Provider in the Development of OWWA's Audio Visual Presentation 1,500,000.00 Marcus Phoenix Media Production Corp Public Bidding
28. Supply and Printing of OFW e-Card 35,000,000.00 APO Production Unit, Inc. Agency to Agency
29. Lease of Venue Stress Management Training 231,000.00 Sunverde Hotels and Resorts Inc. Lease of Venue
30. One (1) Lot - OWWA Virtual Machine and Cloud Computing Subscription 1,200,000.00 NTT Data Philippines  Negotiated Procurement (Two-Failed Bidding)
31. Lease of Venue and Accomodation including Meals for the Conduct of Capacity and Character Building Activity 2017 484,000.00 Shercon Resort and Ecology Park Lease of Venue
32. Lease of Venue for the Training of Trainers (ToT) for Landbased and Seabased PDOS Providers 504,000.00 Midas Hotel Lease of Venue
33. Rental of Ten (10) units Desktop Computer for OWWA Membership and Benefits E-Card Project 75,000.00 ISSI Information Technologies, Inc. Small Value Procurement
34. Lease of Venue for Seminar - Workshop on RA 9184 otherwise known as Government Procurement Reform Act and Its Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (2nd Batch) 242,000.00 Vivere Hotel & Resort  Lease of Venue
35. Lease of Venue for the Inaugural Launch of OWWA Membership and Benefits E-Card Project 200,000.00 Philippine International Convention Center  Lease of Venue
36. Service Provider for 2018 MOFYA Portfolio, Souvenir Program and Waging Kwento ng OFW's Book 820,000.00 Linkpad Inc. Small Value Procurement