Overseas Workers Welfare Administration 
List of Contracts 
CY 2017
Name of Procurement Approved Budget of Contract (ABC) Php Name of Supplies/Contractor Mode of Procurement
1. Venue for 2017 National Women's Month Celebration 248,000.00 Phlippine International Convention Center(PICC) Negotiated Procurement-Agency to Agency
2. Janitorial and Other Support Services for OWWA Central Office CY 2017 17,511,308.54 DBP Service Corporation Public Bidding
3. Renewal of Straight Leased Agreement for Telephone PABX System 320,000.00 Workpoints Communication Direct Contracting
4. Supply of Labor and Materials for Pest Control Services 160,000.00 Power House Pest Control Small Value Procurement
5. Supply and Delivery of Purified Drinking Water for Ten(10) Months 350,000.00 Riches Purified Drinking Water Station Small Value Procurement
6. Structural Consultancy Services for the period of January 1 to December 31, 2017 264,000.00 Tandem Engineering Consultancy Negotiated Procurement-Highly Technical Consultant
7. Supply and Delivery of Newspaper and Magazine 217,541.00 JJJ Newspapers & Magazines Small Value Procurement
8. Security Services for Sixty Five(65) Personnel for Three(3) Years 11,191,094.00 Lifeguard Archangels Security Agency Corp Public Bidding
9. Subscription of Internet Leased Line 50 MBPS Dedicated Internet Connection Services 1,728,000.00 Philippine Long Distance Telephone(PLDT) Direct Contracting
10. Venue for 2017 Strategic Planning and Budget Exercise 400,000.00 Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar Small Value Procurement
11. Venue for the 35th OWWA Anniversary on 02 May 2017 409,700.00 Palacio de Maynila Lease of Venue
12. Insurance Coverage for OWWA Scholars SY 2017-2018 (ODSP, ELAP & CMWSP) 1,010,400.00 Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Negotiated Procurement-Agency to Agency
13. Rental for Two (2) Units Colored and Thirteen (13) Units Black Heavy Duty Photocopying Machines 600,000.00 E-Copy Corporation Small Value Procurement
14. Printing of Information Sheets and CPDEP Language and Culture Familiarization Manuals 1,479,447.00 Five ED Printing Press Public Bidding
15. Service Provider for Courier Services for Lot(1) Local and Lot (2) International Destinations 711,000.00 2GO Express, Inc. Public Bidding
2,911,000.00 AirFreight 2100, Inc.
16. Venue on Stress Debriefing or Psycho-Social Wellness for Frontline Employees Batch 2 264,000.00 Sol Y' Viento Lease of Venue
17. Supply and Delivery of Folding Tables and Stacking Chairs 1,140,000.00 Design Excellence Public Bidding
18. Rebidding for the Subscription of Internet Leased Line 6 MBPS and 10 MBPS 1,140,000.00 Wifi City Public Bidding
19. Venue on Basics Course on Community Organizing Batch 2 264,000.00 Richworld Hotels & Resort Corp. (Makati Palace Hotel) Lease of Venue
20. Exterior Repainting of OWWA Building 2,600,000.00 MZR Builders Public Bidding
21. Venue for the Seminar on the 2016 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9184 Otherwise Known as the Government Procurement Reform Act 261,550.00 Paradigma International, Inc. (Ramada Hotel) Lease of Venue
22. Communication Consultant for the Preparation of Annual Report 2014 to 2016 300,000.00 Mr. Mitchell P. Duran Negotiated Procurement-Highly Technical Consultant
23. Rebidding of Supply and Delivery of Digital Microfilm Camera and Digital Microfilm Scanner 2,050,000.00 Microdata System and Management Inc. Public Bidding
24. Supply and Installation of Various Air-Conditioning Units 1,370,000.00 Super Aire Refrigeration and Contractors Inc. Public Bidding
25. Service Provider for the Editing, Proofreading, Design and Lay-out of the 2017 MOFYA Portfolio, Souvenir Program and Waging Kwento ng mga OFWs 700,000.00 Linkpad, Inc. Highly Technical Consultant
26. Venue for the Hotel and Food Accomodation for 2017  MOFYA Regional Winners 546,000.00 Heritage Hotel, Manila Lease of Venue
27. Venue for the Seminar on the 2016 Revised IRR of Republic Act No. 9184 for RWO Personnel Batch 2 264,000.00 Pina Colina Lease of Venue
28. Payment for Monthly Service and Maintenance of Four (4) Units Passenger Elevators 500,000.00 ESP, Inc Small Value Procurement
29. Rental of Warehouse Space 574,604.80 YBP Real Estate Lease of Real Property
30. Preventive Maintenance of OWWA Fire Alarm System 150,000.00 Pulser Enterprises Inc. Small Value Procurement
31. Venue on Stress Debriefing and Psycho-Social Wellness for Frontline Empoyees Batch 1 264,000.00 First Sta Rosa Hotel Corporation Lease of Venue
32. Procurement on the Audit Services of Socotec - CI 288,960.00 Socotec Direct Contracting
33. Venue for Basic Course on Community Organizing Batch 1 264,000.00 Canyon Woods Resort Lease of Venue
34. Venue for the 2017 Strategic Planning and Budget Execution 390,000.00 Cintai Coritos Garden Lease of Venue
35. Insurance Coverage for EDSP Scholars of OWWA SY 2017 - 2018 112,660 Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Negotiated Procurement-Agency to Agency
36. Hiring of an Actuary to Conduct an Actuarial Valuation of the OWWA Fund 1,000,000.00 Mr. Lyndon F. Fadri Negotiated Procurement-Highly Technical (Sec. 53.7)
37. Creative Artist or Production Specialist for 2017 MOFYA National Award Staging or Execution 798,000.00 Stages Production Specialist Inc. Negotiated Procurement- Sec. 53.6
38. Proposal for the Venue for the Seminar on 21st Century Customer Service 132,000.00 Networld Hotel Lease of Venue
39. Purchase of Online Testing 224,000.00 People Dynamic Small Value Procurement
40. Resource Speaker for Batch 2017 Stress Management Workshop for OWWA Overseas Personnel 200,000.00 Ms. Benilda B. Tayag Negotiated Procurement-Highly Technical Consultant
41. Venue for Batch 2017 Stress Management Workshop for OWWA Overseas Personnel 336,000.00 Estancia Lease of Venue